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Sliding pergola, on an existing canopy of glazing. Acrylic, waterproof, flexible cloth was used, suitable for this type of construction, as it helps at its maximum stretch possible.

This type of fabric offers great protection from the UV radiation of the sun, helps reduce the temperature and protects from rain. Tunnel type, energy, 5 sheet glass partition was also placed, to cover the big open part of the space, while at the small open part a fixed glass partition and a door with aluminium siding, at a special RAL of the customer’s choice, were placed, Total area coverage, 40m2.

The special aluminium alloys it has are of excellent endurance, and, in combination with the drive belts and the oil and air shock absorbers, they guarantee its proper functioning. At the upper part of the construction, in an aluminium shell, the mechanism, the axis and the cloth are enclosed, for better protection from extreme weather conditions, as well as the SOMFY motor which drives it; therefore, at a retracted position, it has all the advantages of a cassette.

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