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Giannakakis Bros Shading Systems Industry

the leading company in Greece in shading systems

Our company is driven by the utmost satisfaction of our customer’s needs, the excellent service and the provision of services. Our company is willing to undertake from the simplest to the most complicated project, in order to create the perfect living conditions for you and those around you. Quality, service, specialization, cutting-edge technology and know-how, safety and innovation are concepts intertwined with our company name.


Our main philosophy is the production of a wide range of products that reliably meet the customers’ current needs. Our company has customer-centric philosophy, treating each customer as special and unique, offering them the ideal solutions for any requirement and desire they may have. Because customer focus is undoubtedly the core of the philosophy of all modern companies. In this way, we offer a customized service.


Our company mainly aims at ongoing research and development for innovative, high quality products that meet all requirements, needs and weather conditions. Our ambition is the future expansion of our company to more cities in Greece, as well as to more European and non-European countries. We are willing to communicate the culture of our company to other countries-markets, and also to be influenced by them for the modification or / and the creation of new products, to cover different needs and wishes, to have the desired effect.

Our company is oriented to the future creation of more production lines. It also hopes for its move to other markets, for the marketing and sale of products of similar types.

Two-way communication serves as a compass to our company, as it discloses its goals and results, creating a good climate of trust and team spirit that result in efficiency and productivity. Driven by these values and beliefs, we hope for more fruitful co-operations in the future.

Technological background

Our company has the most cutting-edge production machines in the market. This way, we ensure top quality and excellent endurance of our products. Having these advanced means, as well as the most innovative and durable and certified products in the market, through new styles and creative production processes, results in the satisfactory operation of the entire production chain. This way, we ensure the delivery of top products, immediately after their order, and we promise you excellent service during the installation and service provision by well-trained crews and installation teams.

Human resources

The completion of all the projects undertaken by our company, from the simplest to the most sophisticated, is the result of its human resources’ effort. The human resources comprise the fundamental pillar of our company; that’s why a considerable part of our resources is invested and allocated to their continuous training on issues of technology, know-how and production procedures.

Our company has specialized and specially trained department that engages in the staffing and recruitment of the company, so that it is checked that the candidates meet and fulfil the criteria and the requirements of each position. This way, the most suitable and capable people are chosen for the respective positions, resulting in promoting the development as well as maintaining the successful course of the company.

Network of partners

The proper organization, as well as the executives’ high level of cognitive training, in combination with 30 years of experience, lead to the development of long-term co-operations with the most reliable and successful businessmen in the field. Through systematic research, we constantly develop new co-operations with professionals that can upgrade the quality of our projects. With these co-operations, which offer us the reliable, high standard products, we promise excellent and guaranteed results.

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