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Shading solution for every space

Private Residence

The perfect place to feel secure, protected and relaxed; thanks to the shading systems.

Restaurant – Cafeteria

Catering establishments are the most appropriate places to adopt shading and protection systems, to create warm and friendly environment for your visitors.


Hotels of small or big capacity create unforgettable experiences and offer perfect hospitality conditions for the visitors, with the contribution of the shading systems.

Special Constructions

Imagination and need can lead to the creation of special constructions to cover, protect and decorate any space.

Interior shading

Elegance, intimacy and privacy are essential aspects of interior spaces, elements added by the interior shading systems.

Parking Lot Shading

Parking lots are necessary both for professional and for private spaces, as they are convenient and accommodating.

Industrial Spaces

Spaces of special requirements that become functional and accessible by installing special constructions.

Public Works

Coverage, protection and ornamentation of public places is beneficial for the local society and its people.

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