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Coverage of a space of 72 m2. It is a construction of an one-pitch, reopening, movable, lit pergola, with a special, waterproof cloth.

The pergola system, entirely made of aluminium, has a 10% gradient, to prevent water from stagnating, as it has a gutter to lead it to the ground. The pergola lighting has a DIMMER for the intensity of the brightness, creating the perfect climate, depending on the natural daylight.

By reducing lighting we achieve both saving in electricity consumption and life extension for the light bulbs, saving money this way. Lighting reduction by 10% results in 5% electricity saving and doubling the lifetime of the bulbs. Lighting reduction by 25% results in 20% consumption saving and quadruples the lifetime of the bulbs.

The construction is completed by aluminium awning boxes, painted at the same RAL code as the pergola aluminium, with good quality transparent film that protect the space from the cold and retain the temperature that comes from the heat energy sources of the space. An aluminium door was placed between the awning boxes, for easy access in the space. The fixed points of the construction were completed with plexiglass.

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