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Coverage of two spaces, with reopening, electric pergola, with panel jalousies and removable, reopening, one-pitch, lit pergola, with PVC fabric, 57 m2 and 38 m2 respectively.

The perimeter coverage with jalousies at the pergola construction was created with cascading, sliding energy glazing, in aluminium frames, for protection from the cold and the wind, but also to retain the heat emitted by the interior energy sources. The aluminium parts of all these constructions are painted at RAL7015.

At the outdoor space around the constructions, an outdoor, waterproof, PVC flooring, with wood chips was placed, as well as a fence, of the same materials, for perimeter coverage.

The panel jalousies pergola was chosen because it offers robustness, secures from extreme weather conditions, rain, snowfall and strong sunshine. Its innovative design is in perfect harmony with all architectural styles, contributing, at the same time, to energy saving. The bioclimatic covering solutions are in position of adjusting the microclimate of the environment under the protective covering, creating natural ventilation.

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