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Installation of 1 pitch and 2 one-pitch, reopening moveable pergola systems in two spaces, with installation of transparent awning boxes, perimetrically to these spaces.

The 2 one-pitch pergolas have spotlights. Both these systems consist an integrated solution for a professional space. All aluminium parts are painted at code RAL1013. Total area of coverage, 340m2.

A special shading material, high technology PVC, 3-layer fabric was used at the pergolas for protection from the UV sun rays. Moreover, the fabric is waterproof, preventing water from stagnating on the construction; also, gutters are mounted, leading water to the ground. The pergola construction has wind load resistance 8 Beaufort. The awning boxes on the upper part bear an aluminium shell, which encloses the transparent film, the axis and the mechanism, for bigger protection. At the lower part of the transparency there is a parallel aluminium counterweight, which moves on side drivers with a brush, which adds bigger insulation. The transparent film, besides the protection it offers from the cold and the wind, retains the temperature that comes from the interior energy sources of the space.

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