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Giannakakis Green

Giannakakis Green - Τέντες Γιαννακάκης

The new bioclimatic, energy-efficient buildings, have a stronger presence day by day. Reduced energy consumption, reduction in operational expenses, better ventilation quality and greater comfort are some of the most important advantages of these new buildings.

One of the most important features of such a building is also the shading systems. Smarter than ever, with light sensors, special fabrics and possibility of placing photovoltaic, the new green shading systems are here to improve our lives and make us even more environmentally friendly.

Cooperating with the biggest manufacturers worldwide, our company is ready to suggest the perfect solution for your new, green building.

Besides, our products are proven to be chosen from the lion’s share of the market. This is achieved, because we are supplied with the most sophisticated and specially designed fabrics in the market, with special coatings, because they are perfect for the reflection of the incident solar radiation, the reduction of the heating entering and they guarantee water resistance under our constructions.

Moreover, the perimeter space coverage we perform helps in the protection from the cold and the wind, and, at the same time, retains the heat that comes from internal energy sources. All these, create the perfect conditions to have reduction in electricity consumption. This way, our company contributes in the protection of the environment, showing eco-friendly attitude and genuine interest for the future.

Giannakakis Green - Τέντες Γιαννακάκης
Γιαννακάκης Green - Τέντες Γιαννακάκης

Our company efficiently reduces its carbon footprint, actually participating in the recycling process.

We recycle 90% of the paper and the plastic that is disposed as waste, and 100% of the aluminium and iron scrap.

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