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Movable, reopening, one-pitch pergola system, with spotlights, based at its back and front part on electrostatically painted ironwork.

This construction is recommended as the perfect solution to those who wish a pergola that does not require special maintenance. Moreover, perimetrically to the space, coverage with transparent awning boxes was performed. Also, in th front part of the construction, an arm awning was placed. All metal parts are painted at code RAL7021.

Total coverage of a space of 30m2. Absolutely functional, has a 10% gradient. The fabric used is three-layer BLOCK-OUT, with a film in its inner part for shading, insulation and water resistance. The total resistance of the construction to wind is 8 Beaufort. All the movements of the constructions are driven with SOMFY motor. The axles, the mechanisms and the transparent films in a retracted position are protected by an aluminium shell at the upper part of the construction. At the sides between the pergola and the awning boxes, a fixed transparent solid polycarbonate was placed, for insulation.

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